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With the changing world, there are also innovations in the fuels used by vehicles. In line with the declared zero emission targets, much more environmentally friendly and economical fuels began to be used. LNG & H2 is among the environmentally friendly fuels that have started to be used in trucks and trailers. SMTR Group produces quality products in different categories thanks to its 57 years of experience, superior quality production approach, robotic production lines and strict quality control processes. LNG & H2 fuel tanks are also one of the new generation products.

LNG & H2 fuel system is rapidly spreading all over the world, thanks to its environmentally friendly approach. In order to meet the needs of both vehicle manufacturers and the market, SMTR Group took rapid action and started to produce LNG & H2 fuel tanks with its experience. It has a variety of LNG & H2 fuel tanks in the configurations required by all vehicle manufacturers thanks to its operations in 6 continents and numerous references.

LNG & H2  Fuel Tank Features

LNG & H2 fuel tanks made of stainless steel are manufactured to withstand high pressure. Tanks with all international certificates offer safe use. As it is an environmentally friendly fuel, it also serves the world’s zero emission targets to a great extent. The features of a standard LNG & H2 fuel tank are listed as follows;

  • Volume [L]: 330
  • Working pressure [bar]: 25
  • Operating Temperature[°C]: -196
  • Fuel Cost Saving: %40
  • CO2 Emission Reduction: %30

With the dual system (diesel + LNG & H2) conversion kit, which can be installed within 1 day, the following gains are achieved;

  • Fuel Cost Saving: %25
  • CO2 Emission Reduction: %20
  • Engine Performance Increase: %15
  • Engine Noise Reduction: %15

SMTR Group produces tanks for the automotive industry operating in Turkiye and all over the world. The company, which has superior talent in shaping aluminum, steel and stainless steel materials, is among the few companies in the world that produce fuel tanks, thanks to its automation-based robots. It breaks new ground in Turkiye with the production of LNG & H2 fuel tanks.

SMTR can produce specially designed tanks requested by the customer and provides tank production and supply in all volumes and sizes for all vehicle manufacturers thanks to its flexible production capability.

What is Dual System Conversion Kit?

It is possible to use diesel and LNG & H2 together in vehicles thanks to the dual system conversion kit. In this way, more than 20% emission reduction is achieved while creating a much more environmentally friendly fuel use. The system, which is installed in just 1 day, provides an average of 25% savings in fuel costs. Not only is it environmentally friendly and economical, it also increases the performance of the engine and enables it to operate at much lower decibels.

Economical, environmentally friendly, quiet and high-performance usage is possible by means of the kit assembly,. They are suitable for use not only in Turkey but all over the world thanks to the European certifications of the products. Local standards and certificates requested in different countries are also provided by SMTR Group.

All fuel tanks produced within SMTR Group are designed and manufactured in accordance with OEM standards. LNG & H2 fuel system usage is expected to increase in the  upcoming years. SMTR Group has a mission to break new ground, thanks to its experience from past to present. As Turkiye’s first LNG & H2 fuel tank manufacturer, it shows the importance it attaches to R&D and also assists the vehicle manufacturers it has worked with for many years in the supply of LNG & H2 fuel tanks.

We are pleased to serve Turkey and the whole world globally with the dual system conversion kit that is environmentally friendly, uses the country’s and the world’s resources in the most efficient way by reducing costs, and creates high-performance and quiet cities.