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SMTR Group has been developed for LNG fuel tanks, alternative fuel system solutions that the world needs in line with the 2050 zero emission route and increasing fuel prices. Offering customer-specific design opportunities and solution partnerships, SMTR can develop products suitable for the systems of all vehicle manufacturers.

We are proud to be breaking new ground in Turkey in the production of LNG Fuel Tanks, which SMTR GROUP describes as the world’s new fuel system, with its advanced robot-based technology, specialized in aluminum, stainless and steel forming in the automotive industry.

With the LNG Fuel Tanks Dual System Kit, you can save fuel and performance by installing them in as little as 1 day. In addition, this new environment-friendly system also provides more than 20% Emission Reduction.

Our products are European certified and produced in accordance with OEM standards.

  • LNG Fuel Tank

    Dual System Kit LNG

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  • LNG Fuel Tank

    LNG Fuel Tank

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