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  • Fuel Tank 480x670x1178

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  • DAF Yakıt Deposu- 620X675X1190 – 430 Lt – 1681824 – Aluminyum

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  • FUEL TANK 620x675x1190

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  • FUEL TANK STEEL (DKP) 515X615X1050

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  • Man Yakıt Deposu 515X615X1050 – 300 Lt – 81-12201-6313 – Çelik – Tek Delik

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  • FUEL TANK STEEL (DKP) 350X615X1050

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  • FORD Yakıt Deposu – 480X670X1178 – 317 Lt – BC46-9002-BA – Aluminyum Kaplı

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  • FORD Yakıt Deposu – 625X670X1300 – 520 Lt – 6C469002ED – Aluminyum Kaplı

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  • FORD Yakıt Deposu -700X700X848 – 350 Lt – CC46-9002-CB – Aluminyum Kaplı

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  • FORD Yakıt Tankı – 670X480X1304 – 280 Lt – DC46-9002-HA – Aluminyum

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  • Daf Yakıt Deposu – 620X675X858 – 300 LT – 1797438 – Aluminyum

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  • FUEL TANK 620x675x858

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  • Daf Yakıt Deposu – 620X675X988 – 350 Lt -1681816 – Aluminyum

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Fuel tank is the name given to the tank that contains the fuel used to obtain the energy needed for the engine in the vehicle to function. There are fuel tanks of different materials, sizes and features to meet different types of vehicles and requirements. Fuel tanks produced by SMTR Group have proven their quality by being shipped to 6 continents. Fuel tanks produced to European standards meet international and local technical requirements with their certificates.

Fuel Tanks and Features

Fuel tanks are designed and manufactured to perform specific functions. It must have some features and systems to perform the required functions. The systems that stand out in any fuel tank are listed below;

  • Fuel Tank Filling System: Filling the fuel tank should occur without any problems.
  • Storage of fuel: The fuel tank must be produced from the right material and with superior production standards in case of any leakage or vapour.
  • Level measurement: The fuel in the fuel tank must be measured and observed on the vehicle.
  • Ventilation process: In high pressure situations, evacuation can be provided through safety valves.
  • Supply process: Fuel must reach the engine through the pump.

The above functions are performed with various accessories used on the tank. First of all, the tank must be made with quality materials and superior production standards. SMTR Group is a world brand in the production of truck tanks with its advantages and 55 years of experience.

Companies We Produce Truck Tanks

SMTR Group has been producing superior quality truck tanks for 55 years. SMTR Group, which ships the fuel tanks it produces to manufacturers and markets both in Turkiye and around the world, constantly increases its references in this process. Some of the companies we produce fuel tanks for are listed as follows; Mercedes Benz, Ford Otosan, Man, Volvo, Scania, BMC, Dacia, Isuzu Truck, DAF, Karsan, Land Rover, Otokar and FNSS.

Fuel Tanks by Material

Fuel tanks are manufactured from different materials depending on the requirements and specifications needed. As SMTR Group, we produce fuel tanks from the following materials;

  • Aluminum fuel tanks
  • Aluminum coated fuel tanks
  • Steel (DKP) fuel tanks

The dimensions and volumes of the fuel tanks vary depending on the design of the trucks and trailers. Dozens of different fuel tanks emerge as a result of changes in volume and dimensions, as well as materials. SMTR Group produces fuel tanks for many different brands and models of vehicles thanks to its wide product range. In addition, it also produces quickly for new models by means of its superior production capability.

In line with SMTR Group’s goals, quality policy, mission and vision, it continues to produce superior quality fuel tanks. Fuel tanks are supplied to markets and manufacturers of different countries around the world, especially Germany as one of the important players of the automotive industry.

The international and local certification processes required for fuel tanks are closely followed and it is certified that the quality standards are strictly met. Production is carried out with a zero defect policy thanks to the fully automatic welding robots used in fuel tank production. With the ability to produce in different volumes and sizes, production is carried out for many different brands and models. We provide service on 6 continents, especially Europe. The fact that our fuel tanks are actively used in 6 continents allows us to look to the future with more confidence and increase our customer portfolio.