We are proud of our services we have rendered to the automotive industry both inside and outside of the country through our history more than 40 years. We are in your service with our Düzce factory having 12.000m2 indoor area.
Simetri Tank Company, besides to its expertise, especially in the manufacturing and engineering of Fuel Tanks, Hydraulic Tanks and Water Tanks, gives a form to all kinds of metals and manufactures parts for heavy vehicles.

With purchasing of new full –automation welding robot and the organization change made as a result of the decisions taken by many OEM’s related to use of aluminum fuel tanks and upon moving of us to new factory facilities, our aluminum tank manufacturing capacity has increased two times.

Our product engineering and Ar-GE carries out close studies with the leading OEM companies. The performance, quality and reliability concepts oblige the innovation in Simetri. In general, our partnerships with our customers commence before and during manufacturing. In the cutting and shaping technologies; CNC cutting, CNC bending, hydraulic press, welding robots, electrostatic dust dying and phosphating and treatment of metal plates are our main activity. Thanks to the commitment, expertise and ability of Simetri, products are made in specifications and standards according to demands of customers.


Our manufacturing;

Controlling of all the planning and purchasing thanks to our Material Requirement Planning (MRP) Software system ensures fulfillment of Just In Time (JIT) and similar delivery cyakıt-tankı-üretim (1)onditions.

Most of our products are manufactured with updated manufacturing processes by using our recently purchased machines and in our newly established manufacturing premises. Though documentation and archiving of all the manufacturing phases are made; thanks to our approach to the manufacturing, planning and designing, we have the flexibility to make many different models upon the demand of our customers.
In the event our standard models cannot meet the needs of our customers, we always may make modifications in the design and other features depending on the need. Thanks to the Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) system in our manufacturing premises, manufacturing of any product is being simplified. We will be glad to offer you service with our qualified staff having motivation and vision.

Our Products;

• Aluminum fuel tanks, stainless, aluminum coated , steel (dkp) fuel tanks, galvanized fuel tanks, oil tank, hydraulic tanks, water tanks and connection elements are among our product range.

• Our Quality
• We, as Simetri Tank, continue our studies to obtain OHSAS 18001 certificate within 2015, in addition to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and TS 16949 certificates we own.
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